Purism is seeking to expand our design team using fully free software for website design and web front end development. This position is important for the long-term goal, showing and promoting our products, vision and ethical philosophy while caring about human digital rights, human effort, and human experience.

Scope of work (i.e. what you have to worry about)

We are looking for a team member with experience and a passion for web development.

Primary objectives:

  • Maintain WordPress based website.
  • Work with the design team to keep website designs current.
  • Work on user flow improvements.
  • Work on user registration improvements.
  • Work on shopping cart and purchase flow improvements.
  • Work collaboratively with Purism team.

Secondary objectives:

  • Being comfortable working asynchronously and via written instruction with freedom respecting tools like email, gitlab, and matrix chat.
  • Previous experience in free/libre software is not required, but a willingness to engage in ethical software development is.

Some details for applying

Please use this template as your email:

  • Subject line: “Documentation Engineer – your_name_here
  • List what you’re good at, or what you would like to help us with.
  • Tell us how you got good at it, or how you’d like to help us.
  • Let us know why would you like to be involved with Purism?

Please note that it will take some weeks for us to review applicants and get back to you.

Please mention that you found this job from SearchRight when submitting an application. We’d also love for you to send us a message if you apply. This helps our efforts with building relationships and making the job search better for candidates. Thank You

About Purism

Purism believes in users'​ rights. We believe you should not be monitored, nor recorded, without your consent. We believe you should not surrender your freedom and your information to corporations for their profit. Here at Purism, we work with hardware component manufactures and the free software community to build high quality hardware that respects your digital life