Marketing: Customer Acquisition

Our culture is falling apart. We are reaping decades of taking God’s message out of our culture. Very few voices speak into the lives of children with a Godly message. Children spend countless hours on screens. There is hardly any faith-based content in the app stores.

Who will rise up to steward the next generation?

We believe that what people play matters. TruPlay develops mobile games that resonate with our 4 Foundations of Fun, Beauty, Excellence, and God’s Truth. With God’s Blessing, we will continue to reach Millions around the world and produce a tremendous amount of economic value for everyone involved.

We’re building an interactive Content Platform for children.

You will develop, execute and own the entire marketing strategy for the launch and growth of the TruPlay platform. You will build awareness of TruPlay’s brand, engage consumers, and drive conversions through brand building, advertising, business development, creative innovation, product features, and data-driven insights.



● Demonstrated success in leading marketing for a consumer product

● Demonstrated success in marketing products to families and/or children

● Experience in building a new or challenger brand to success

● Marketing team leadership experience

● Experience buying digital advertising

● Comfortable operating in a rapidly changing environment

● High commitment to our Mission


Prepare and execute our GTM plan

● Determine the right channels to utilize to grow quickly but cost-effectively using financial analysis and analytics, including but not limited to:

○ Branding

○ Social media/Media/PR, including pre-marketing

○ Ad Buying

○ Features for growth/sharing

○ Build a network of key influencers

● Consumer insight Research to build expertise in audience needs, segmentation, positioning, key features, and content

● Research and own pricing and trial strategy (month free, some content for free, etc.)

● Help grow the TruPlay marketing team with a combination of employees and vendors

Expected Results:

● Research to thoroughly understand above

● Thorough Marketing Plan completed and implemented

● Successfully Launch TruPlay to 1M subscribers and beyond


  • For our Culture
  • High Commitment to TruPlay’s Purpose
  • Lives a life of integrity
  • Treats others as they would want to be treated
  • Coachable
  • For This Role
  • Able to translate and communicate messages of faith through tangible gameplay mechanics & features
  • Passionate about educating children in fun ways

About Us:

  • Our Core team and content have been used by God to:
  • Reach Millions of people with our games across the world
  • See over 25,000 people coming to Christ with His Hand
  • Create new TruPlay game designs that have tested incredibly well
  • Move to our team from Xbox, Nintendo, PlayStation, Sony, Disney, Apple
  • Contains contributions from 2 Apple Award winners and music from Enya and Hillsong
  • Our products stand on 4 Foundations:
  • Truth – Our games are woven with God’s Story
  • Fun – Our players should be delighted and excited
  • Excellence – Our games resonate with high-quality features, tech, and storytelling
  • Beauty – Our artwork and audio are spectacular

Location: Our office is headquartered in Austin, Texas, implementing a Hybrid remote work policy

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About TruPlay Games

We are a tribe of game developers who are making faith-based mobile games for kids with the mission to transform an entire generation of children with high-quality games filled with God's Truth. We see a world where kids can experience truth and beauty in an excellent and fun environment.