ROLE: Support and Fulfillment Manager

  • AREAS OF FOCUS: Customer service, fulfillment/shipping, payment processors, spreadsheets, CRM/databases, vendor coordination, inventory, quality control, e-commerce/Shopify
  • LOCATION: Las Vegas, NV operations office; however, remote/telecommute may be possible if approved by the Organization
  • TYPE: Full-time, Salary (exempt)
  • OTHER: Travel and flexible hours as required


  • FPC is looking for a support and fulfillment manager that will serve our members and donors, the public, and our team through empathetic, positive, and resolution-focused email and phone support, fulfillment of memberships and physical goods, vendor coordination, quality control, inventory, and other work.
  • We offer competitive compensation for the nonprofit sector and excellent benefits including medical, dental, and vision insurance (99% employer paid), a 401(k) savings plan with match (100% to 5%), paid holidays and time off, short-term and long-term disability plans (100% employer paid), and opportunities to improve your skills while working with the FPC Team to #FightForward for maximal human liberty.
  • This is a serious, high-impact support role that engages with both the team and the public. And we have high expectations—so make your best pitch. Submit your resume, a cover letter explaining why we should hire you, your salary requirements, 3 (each) professional and personal references, and at least 3 writing samples that demonstrate your best, most effective support strategies and writing.


  • Fight to create a world of maximal human liberty
  • Founded FPC Law, the nation’s first and largest public interest legal team focused on the right to keep and bear arms and adjacent issues, including freedom of speech, due process, unlawful searches and seizures, separation of powers, asset forfeitures, privacy, encryption, and limited government
  • Work through litigation and legal action, direct and grassroots lobbying, social media, and other strategies to restore the right to keep and bear arms, freedom of speech, and other liberties
  • Are a values-anchored culture change organization that works strategically through litigation, legal action, communities, grassroots activism, and other programs
  • Love to laugh and make dank memes to make fun of stupid laws, politicians, and other authoritarians
  • Work really, really hard for a cause
  • Have high expectations and demand excellence every day


  • Passionately support FPC’s Purpose, Values, and Mission
  • Are an activist who wants to serve others
  • Understand that you’ll need to need to learn and accept training even if you have prior experience
  • Enjoy doing a great job every time, even if it’s something you’ve done hundreds of times before
  • Want to tell the government: “Fuck you. No.”
  • Care about spelling, grammar, and all of the little details
  • Are focused on what you need to, and not easily distracted
  • Learn quickly and think on your feet
  • Take notes and prefer staying highly organized
  • Know how to build and maintain detailed spreadsheets
  • Must be patient and graceful when things change
  • Are willing to grind and get shit done for a cause
  • Can handle pressure and dynamic goals
  • Have a fast reaction time
  • Show up and hustle every day
  • Thrive in a high-intensity work environment and are comfortable working with tight project deadlines
  • Aren’t afraid to have fierce debates, will fight for the best ideas to win, and be not just willing – but ready – to work productively with a range of strong personalities in all situations, including under stress


  • Must be authorized to work in the United States
  • Must have at least 2 years of experience in an an outward (public)-focused administrative, service, or support role
  • Must be able to read, write, analyze and speak fluent English
  • Must be an EXCELLENT communicator
  • Must have a GREAT attitude and stay cheerful even when things are challenging
  • Must be highly proficient in computers, business software and spreadsheets, CRMs, email, phones, and other systems
  • Must care about the details (we are relentless about them)
  • Must have a strong work ethic and personal integrity
  • Must have an attitude that fits our culture
  • Must have the ability to legally acquire and possess firearms, including handguns, and must be comfortable and safe around firearms and shooting ranges (or be willing to learn firearms safety and range etiquette)


  • Past experience in advocacy and activism
  • A strong sense of humor
  • Experience with remote work with a widely distributed team and co-workers in multiple time zones
  • Experience with Slack and/or similar team communication tools


  • Own the customer experience and create value for the people we serve
  • Provide customer service via email, phone, text, and social media the FPC way
  • Further relationships with members, donors, supporters, and constituents through positive resolution-based interactions
  • Provide timely customer service responses and low response times
  • Protect the privacy and confidentiality of our members, donors, supporters, and constituents
  • Coordinate messaging with other team members and divisions
  • Monitor organizational communications, staying informed of current/active issues and events
  • Process mail merges through spreadsheets and documents
  • Print, pick, pack, ship, mail, and track packages
  • Update and maintain CRMs and member/donor databases
  • Update and maintain internal documents and tracking spreadsheets
  • Assist with special projects, travel, logistics, and event planning
  • Create and add new designs and products to our e-commerce store
  • Manage inventory and vendors
  • Ensure quality control of our membership materials and e-commerce products
  • Occasional errands and driving
  • Occasional lifting of up to 50 pounds
  • Other duties as assigned

Remote/telecommute note: This position may not be performed remotely from Alaska, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, or Rhode Island.

This role performs duties under only general supervision. The above job description isn’t an all-inclusive list of duties and standards of the position. We all wear many hats, and if you want to be here, you will, too. FPC is an equal opportunity employer. No recruiters or contract solicitations, please.

Please mention that you found this job from SearchRight when submitting an application. We’d also love for you to send us a message if you apply. This helps our efforts with building relationships and making the job search better for candidates. Thank You 

About Firearms Policy Coalition

FPC is a coalition of hundreds of thousands of Patriots organizing to take back our Constitution and defend the inalienable, fundamental, and individual right to keep and bear arms.