LuckyGunner.com is a 8+ year old organization that continues to revolutionize the way Americans buy ammo, and we need help further disrupting the industry.  Save yourself some time and do not read any further if you like to work in petting-zoo-like environments that are slow-moving and change infrequently. If you like to work hard, be empowered to move the needle, be part of a productive team, solve problems, and generally get stuff done – please keep reading. This position is for a “Senior Magento Developer”” (henceforth, “the SMD”).  Tip:  Senior isn’t short-hand for Senior Citizen – it’s pig-Latin for “can solve a lot of big problems without hand holding.” One of LuckyGunner.com’s core competencies is Magento development.  Our CTO speaks at Magento conferences.  We aren’t looking to hire someone to help us change the color of our buttons.  We need someone who can solve real business problems and transform our customers’ experience through technology and development. The SMD will be joining our team of other experienced Magento developers and will be working alongside our CTO in the Knoxville office.  This position will serve as a transmission between the “mere mortals” at LuckyGunner.com (i.e. our team members who can’t code in purchasing, customer service, marketing, accounting, etc) and our team of 6 geographically dispersed developers to: Get. Stuff. Done. Right. And Fast.

The SMD will have daily responsibilities such as the following:

  • Collaborating with the rest of our team to brainstorm ways to apply Magento and technology to solve real world problems at LuckyGunner.com
  • Adding technical specs and architecture to the team’s plain English specs for new modules and website features
  • Reviewing our development team’s dev commits for quality, security, scalability, stability, etc before they are committed to the live site
  • Merging and deploying code changes and ensuring they work well on production once deployed
  • Debugging complex bugs that affect our customers’ user experience
  • Answering questions from our development team when they get stuck on a module, ticket, or version
  • Actually coding and architecting some of the more complex projects we tackle
  • Helping us transform our platform from where it is today to make it more stable, secure, scalable, and fast.
  • Writing tests and tweaking our recruiting process to help us find additional Magento Developers
  • Researching and integrating other platforms into Magento (Twilio, Zen Desk, etc)
  • And much more . . . .

Here’s what we’re looking for in a successful applicant:

  • Have contributed to open source repositories (please link to some examples)
  • Like being challenged and pushed – we are demanding and have high standards
  • Take pride in your work – we value beautiful, simple, and powerful code for its own sake
  • Work hard – we believe the harder you work, the luckier you get
  • Enjoy identifying and solving problems by yourself – we don’t have time to hold your hand
  • Are comfortable making decisions – and living with the consequences
  • Are passionate and driven – we don’t like working with Zombies
  • Prize honesty – it’s obviously a prerequisite to have personal character, but our team can also be brutally honest
  • Love technology – our entire business is built on and facilitated by technology, so you will need to love it (at work and in your spare time)

You should be familiar with most or all of the following platforms (please indicate which ones you are familiar with):

  • Magento
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Git, Mercurial or other DVCS
  • Linux

Experience in the following is bonus – please tell us if you have it:

  • MongoDB
  • SEO / Internet Marketing
  • WordPress

All applicants will be required to take a series of basic skills assessment tests.  If you aren’t willing to complete this, don’t even bother applying.  The process for finalists will include a more in depth skill test, a phone call, and a trip to our office to meet the team. Our preference is to hire someone to work in our physical office in Knoxville, TN alongside our core team.  If we find a perfect match for the position and the only hang-up is moving to Knoxville, we would consider an exception for the perfect fit – but we would really prefer this person to work with our team in Knoxville.

As far as compensation goes, we hate to use the cliche it depends on experience – ugh – but in this case it really will vary wildly by productivity.  Look, we are flexible – if you are a stud(ette) and are good at this position and passionate, we can work out the compensation.

We don’t offer traditional benefits because we believe it can lead to a paternalistic culture that discourages individual decision-making.  Strange, right?  Look, we understand this approach is unique, and here’s how we make up for it.  Your compensation package will include a salary bump to account for the lack of benefits.  In other words, whereas most companies offer 9 units of compensation and 1 unit of benefits, we simply offer 10 units of compensation.  Then you can choose how best to take care of yourself (or not).

Interested?  Apply by filling out the information below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Please mention that you found this job from SearchRight when submitting an application. We’d also love for you to send us a message if you apply. This helps our efforts with building relationships and making the job search better for candidates. Thank You

About Lucky Gunner

Founded in 2009, Lucky Gunner is young, lean, hungry, and focused on revolutionizing the ammo industry. Our business model is simple - focus on what the customer wants and create an excellent customer experience in an innovative way.