Interested in bare metal coding? FUTO, a new organization devoted to giving people control over their computers, is searching for a talented engineer to work with a team of elite Silicon Valley veterans to create a minimalist (less than 50,000 lines of code) bare metal operating system for a single board computer.

This position is ideal for a recent graduate looking to avoid the corporate tech world and its focus on high-level app development or an experienced engineer eager to get away from that world. The right candidate might also be an anti-establishment student looking to leave college early.

Applicants must be passionate about freeing technology from the control of the few and recreating the spirit of freedom, innovation, and self-reliance that underpinned the American tech industry only a few decades ago.

Compensation will include a competitive salary, benefits, and bonuses. There will be a substantial bonus on completion of the first milestone (which we expect to take 6 months).

Project Description

This project will involve the creation of a new, bespoke, OS capable of running a programming system currently in development at FUTO. The first milestone must replace the functionality that Linux currently provides to run our programming tool:

  • Booting from the SD card.
  • Reading and writing data from and to the SD card.
  • Driving a monitor connected to the HDMI port.
  • Communication with another identical single board computer (i.e. UDP/IP).
  • Handling USB keyboard input.


Applicants must be experienced with or eager to learn and utilize the following skills:

  • C programming.
  • Bare metal programming.
  • Unorthodox programming systems.
  • Finding applicable documentation and low level code that already exists including real time operating systems and lightweight Linux distributions.

This Project is a Big Deal

This is the first part of a multi-year sustained effort to solve some of the fundamental problems facing our computing ecosystem, such as:

  • Not enough open source developers focus on fully exploiting the capabilities of our computing hardware.
  • Transitioning from being a user of an open source project to being a contributor to that project is extremely unwieldy.
  • Our computers contain many orders of magnitude more software than they need.

For a better idea of the issues at play, have a look at the following talks:


To apply, send your resume and/or cover letter to jobs@futo.org

Please mention that you found this job from SearchRight when submitting an application. We’d also love for you to send us a message if you apply. This helps our efforts with building relationships and making the job search better for candidates. Thank You

About FUTO

FUTO is a new organization founded to develop technology and share knowledge that gives control of computers back to the people.