Are you a seasoned expert in Front End Web Developer who values technical excellence and working with a team of A players who appreciate exceptional work? If you have at least five years of solid Front End Web Developer experience and hold yourself to a high standard of technical excellence and value working for an organization that positively impacts the world. In that case, you should consider joining the team at Hillsdale College.

Hillsdale College is seeking to add a Front End Web Developer for our website content management systems (CMS) used internally and externally.  This position will oversee all aspects of the CMS solutions used, which are currently WordPress and Kentico CMS.  This position includes interfacing with the business owners, gathering their requirements, converting the requirements into objects within the CMS, and interfacing with our development teams to extend the functionality of the CMS as needed.

This position is a unique opportunity for a full-time Front End Web Developer.  You will be involved in supporting applications used to expand the reach of the Hillsdale College mission.

We’re looking for someone who can communicate clearly in writing and verbally. To fit in best with our team, we’d prefer someone positive about life, easy-going, eager to dive into projects, meet deadlines, and who can speak candidly yet respectfully.


Essential Job Functions:

  1. Perform web services management tasks, including, but not limited to, developing and maintaining overall site functionality and integration, performing web page design and layout, developing web applications, troubleshooting and resolving web site performance issues, and advising faculty, staff, and students of web service capabilities, principles, and protocols. Perform IIS web server administration, upgrades, documentation, and security.
  2. Develop a security strategy that supports role-based security and a least privilege security plan.
  3. Implement an ADA-compliant strategy that achieves an acceptable level of compliance to serve our customers well.
  4. Capture requirements for the development of custom components to extend the CMS.
  5. Work closely with Project Managers, ITS management and staff to implement and integrate new systems that have a web presence.
  6. Coordinate, test, and Install software updates in the CMS environment.
  7. Participate in the protection of data by understanding SQL injection techniques and common website hacking techniques.



The successful candidate must be able to perform each essential duty mentioned satisfactorily. The requirements below represent the required knowledge, skill, and ability.

Education and Experience

  • A Computer Science degree is a plus but not mandatory if you have a demonstrated grasp of fundamental application architecture, communications, and maintenance.
  • A Minimum of five years of experience in a Front End web Developer role is required.

Essential Skills

  1. CMS experience – WordPress, Kentico, and other related systems a plus
  2. Expert-level experience with HTML and CSS
  3. Experience with Microsoft IIS
  4. Bootstrap framework
  5. responsive design websites
  6. Javascript
  7. Angular

Other Skills

  1. Experience with Tomcat environments
  2. Other Single Page Application frameworks a plus
  3. API Development a plus
  4. C sharp experience a plus
  5. Azure environment experience a plus – SQL Server, Microsoft Server OS
  6. Experience gathering requirements from customers to deliver exceptional customer support.

Physical Requirements

The ability to operate office equipment, including photocopiers, a Scanner, computer equipment, display monitors, and the like, is required. The position is mainly sedentary but may require the incumbent to walk, stoop, crouch, or climb.

Personal Characteristics

The Information Technology Services Department interacts with all College students, faculty, and staff. A clean, neat appearance and a pleasant relationship supporting the College mission are essential.

Code of Commitment

Be a good representative of Hillsdale College to promote the liberal arts, the College’s original Articles of Association, and operating principles stated in the Staff Code of Commitment. The College’s Mission Statement is a consideration in all aspects of the position. The teaching of the Christian faith shall remain a conspicuous aim of the College.

Working at Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College provides a unique culture and work environment where all successful team members support the College’s mission and help one another to ensure the College’s success. In addition to generous retirement, health, dental, and vacation benefits, you and your family can enjoy participating in events on campus throughout the year, most of which have little or no cost to attend. You and your family will also be able to use the athletic facilities, join and use the Halter Shooting Sports Center, and the outdoor facilities at Hayden Park for hiking, mountain biking, disc golf, and other activities.

As a Hillsdale College employee in this role, you will be eligible to take advantage of certain educational benefits for your children who may be accepted to Hillsdale College or other colleges participating in our Tuition Exchange Program. Hillsdale Academy is a world-class K-12 school located on the Hillsdale College campus for families with children still in school.

You can also take advantage of discounted costs for using certain College facilities, such as Rockwell Lake Lodge in beautiful northern Michigan. You can also enjoy delicious, low-cost on-site dining with your colleagues and students at our Hillsdale campus for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Becoming a member of the Hillsdale College team provides far more than a job. You will become integral to the most unique and successful college, educating the brightest minds in America.

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About Hillsdale College

Hillsdale College is a small, Christian, classical liberal arts college in southern Michigan that operates independently of government funding. Our students represent each of the fifty states and more than a dozen foreign countries, and drawn to the challenge of a Hillsdale education, they grow in heart and mind by studying timeless truths in a supportive community dedicated to the highest things.