Hey there! We’re looking to hire a Bootcamp Advisor and Community Manager to help us continue to build and deliver the best apprenticeship program experience in the world. Everything you need to learn more and apply is below.

About Praxis

We’re building the world’s best apprenticeship program to help hard-working, talented individuals discover and do what makes them come alive without college.

Our one-year program guides our apprentices through the ultimate career-building experience. The program includes a 6-month skills bootcamp and job placement process, a full-time job at a growing business, coaching and mentorship from entrepreneurial professionals, and lifetime access to the Praxis Network.

During the bootcamp experience, apprentices discover short-term and long-term career interests, build in-demand skills through projects, attend live workshops, and receive valuable feedback and guidance from advisors and mentors.

During the apprenticeship experience, apprentices work full-time at a growing business in sales, marketing, and operation roles where they learn what it takes to be a top young professional capable of creating value in the real-world while attending weekly workshops and working with advisors.

Our apprentices graduate Praxis with significant work experience, the confidence and knowledge to continue building a thriving career, and lifetime access to the Praxis network and community.

We have helped 500+ driven and talented individuals start their careers strong since we first launched.

The goal is to build the best alternative to college for entrepreneurial-minded and self-directed individuals. Our leadership team is committed to long-term results for our customers and our team members.

To read more about what we believe, start here.

To learn more about the quality of our participants and the outcomes we deliver for them, start here.

About the Bootcamp Advisor + Community Manager role

As a Bootcamp Advisor, you will spend 70% of your time working with participants through the the bootcamp experience and serve as lead advisor for the first portion of the program experience.

Your job is to help our participants get the most out of the program experience, understand the modern career landscape (startups, growing businesses, etc.), develop an entrepreneurial mindset, and set them up to win awesome early-career job opportunities.

The other 30% of your time will be spent helping to develop the professional development community for active apprentices and our alumni.

We’re looking for someone who…

  • Loves to coach and help new Praxians level up!
  • Isn’t afraid to provide direct feedback to participants and colleagues
  • Has strong self-directed tendencies to their own professional development and personal learning
  • Loves meeting and connecting with people, can have 5 text conversations going and talk with people most of the day and feel energized
  • Finds it easy to empathize with others and likes helping people find solutions to their problems
  • Has professional experience working in startups and growing businesses
  • Is rationally optimistic
  • Loves making stuff better
  • Enjoys working with a team and leaves their ego at the door
  • Has a growth mindset and intellectual curiosity
  • Highly organized
  • Has no interest in fluffy education and startup trends and wants to help build a no-BS world class program experience
  • Deeply annoyed by low-quality work from themselves and others
  • Has fun while working hard


  • $45,000-$50,000 annual base salary + performance bonuses.

Other Details:

  • We’re a fully remote team. You can work from anywhere within standard U.S. timezones.

To Apply

Email Cameron (cameron@discoverpraxis.com) with the following information:

  • A brief video including…
    1. Why you’re excited about working at Praxis
    2. Why you’re excited and would be a good fit for this role
    3. Any questions or ideas you’d like to share
  • Any links you’d like us to check out (website, portfolio, writing/work examples, etc.).

Please mention that you found this job from SearchRight when submitting an application. We’d also love for you to send us a message if you apply. This helps our efforts with building relationships and making the job search better for candidates. Thank You

About Praxis

Praxis is a college alternative that builds your skills, your network, and leads to a full-time job at a growing business.

It’s an intense yearlong program that's built around discovering career paths that match your interests, sharpening your skills, and learning how business works. Not to mention, through Praxis, you’ll also land a full-time job opportunity that offers you a great jumping-off point for your career.