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Established in 2021, SearchRight is the best destination to find a career with organizations alternative to the mainstream. It’s become increasingly clear that most corporations, institutions, and established entities have adopted a political agenda antithetical to the values of millions of Americans. Not too long ago we could avoid partisan discourse in our daily lives – patriotism wasn’t shunned, woke companies hardly existed, and people weren’t “cancelled” for their opinions. The landscape has changed and the pressure is intensifying. But a divergent path exists – we can make a choice to align our attention, money, and time with organizations that respect our beliefs.

Our mission is to build the best career site and job board for patriotic and free-thinking job seekers.

Our vision is to create an economy where freedom of expression is championed, diversity of thought is promoted, and people are empowered to create their own success.

SearchRight hand-screens every position to ensure that organizations on this site align with our mission and values. Our focus is to highlight unique and exciting opportunities that aren’t represented on the typical job boards. We strive to accelerate the careers of independent thinkers and promote ventures that embrace based viewpoints, so that we can help you land your dream position. In addition to our job board, we’ll offer commentary on current markets, provide recommendations on various products, and profile companies that are building a better economy. Whether you are on the job hunt, looking to hire, or interested in helping the mission we greatly appreciate your involvement and support. Please reach out, connect, and share your thoughts with us.


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